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Smart Advice for Business Owners

Malcolm Berko writes about investment matters, including what NOT to include in your portfolio. Real Estate and small business experts offer advice on managing rentals, buying property, and how to succeed in small business.

Limit Your Legal Liability

Reduce legal and collection problems with valuable business information about your clients and vendors from liens, bankruptcies, and court proceedings.

Get New Business Sales Leads

Excellent source of new leads from commercial and residential building permits, mortgages, public hearings, notice to interested persons, bond sales, proposed budgets of government entities, and annual reports.

Increase Your Sales

Find bids listed for projects or supplies by government, schools, and hospitals.

Advertised Sales of Property and Products

Identify potential bargains in pending foreclosed property, state surplus property, IRS, unclaimed goods, and cars.


1 Year = 156 issues

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Public Notice Information 18 categories of information from Sheriff Sales to Public Hearings … reflecting the “public’s right to know.” Commerical Information 5 major sources of commercial information, including Building Permits, Mechanic’s Liens, and Mortgages.

Court Filings and Bankruptcies Court proceedings of the Marion County Circuit and Superior Courts, plus Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 bankruptcy petitions and reorganizations.