Glossary of Contents

Legal Information

Civil lawsuits are filed in either Circuit or Superior court.

Circuit Courts have the power to try any civil case except divorces. Decides appeals from Small Claims courts, change of venue cases, and specialized cases according to statute

Superior Courts have the power to try any civil matter except those specified by statute to be tried in Circuit Court. Superior courts can also hear appeals, and change of venue cases from other counties.

Bankruptcy petitions and reorganizations are filed with the United States Bankruptcy and Civil Action Indiana Southern District, Indianapolis. Commercial bankruptcies are listed in bold/italics. The names of petitioners are listed in bold.

  • Chapter 7: Straight bankruptcy. The debtor’s non-exempt assets are collected and distributed on a percentage basis to creditors listed in the debtor’s petition, according to specific priorities determined by bankruptcy court.
  • Chapter 11: Usually a business bankruptcy aimed at giving troubled businesses a chance at survival by reorganization with certain protections of the court.
  • Chapter 12: Family Farmer’s Debt Adjustment. An individual or joint debtor family farmer, or a corporation/partnership family farmer seeking discharge of most debts. The debtor is permitted by law to keep certain property as exempt.
  • Chapter 13: Wage earner plan. Designed for persons with regular income who might be able to pay all or a portion of their debts given certain protections of the court.

Foreclosure happens when a mortgage lender sues a borrower for nonpayment. Notices of foreclosure regarding mortgages are published every Wednesday in the Record.

Commercial Information

Building Permits: Includes notices (commercial and residential) of demolition, electrical, heating and cooling, new structures and additions, plumbing, remolding, and roofing.

Marriages Licenses: Complete listings of impending marriages filed with the Marion County Clerk’s Office.

Federal Tax Liens: Charge or claim against the property of a person or legal entity owing federal taxes in order to secure payment of the taxes.

Mechanics Liens: A lien against real property, applying to the land as well as the buildings or structures. It is a claim upon the property in order to secure priority payment for work performed or materials supplied.

Mortgages: Indicates who is borrowing money to buy real property in Marion County according to the Marion County Recorder’s Office.

Public Notices

Notice of Administration: (Probate) Notice of administration is issued from the Marion County Clerk’s Office to inform those who had dealings with the deceased to file their claims.

Notice to Bidders: Government agencies, hospitals, schools, and many private businesses advertise for bids on projects, supplies, etcetera.

Bond Sale: Bonds issued by municipalities, school corporations, and libraries to fund construction projects.

Car Sale (Mechanics Liens): Automobile put up for sale to fulfill debt of repairs or storage

Dissolution of Corporations: A publicly formed corporation has dissolved.

Marshal’s Sale: Notice from the U.S. Marshal’s Office of (1) seized property for sale through auction or (2) the sale of property of repossessed for non-payment of either Farmer’s Home or Veteran’s Administrations Loans.

Notice of Sale: State surplus property sale, Internal Revenue Service, or unclaimed goods.

Sheriff’s Sale: Notice to all parties, known and unknown, that a foreclosure action is pending. Useful for real estate investors, private citizens, or lenders seeking to help the owner keep the property… a potential source of a bargain on real estate.