Lack of improvement spells trouble for automobile stocks

Dear Mr. Berko: I recently subscribed to the Value Line Investment Survey. One of its analysts, Ian Gendler, is recommending buying stock in General Motors, the largest automaker in the world. Gendler says that GM has “strong volume and pricing and continues to reduce cost” and that “the firm is posting healthy financial results.” He […]

Asking the tough questions is essential before buying a franchise

Part II in a two-part series.   Are you thinking about buying a franchise? If so, here are more tough questions you should ask the franchise management team after reviewing its franchise disclosure document, or FDD. Is the franchise adapting to changes in the market, technology, etc.? We live in a time of rapid social […]

Selling inherited international banking stocks would be unwise

Dear Mr. Berko: My father died last year, and the assets from his will have been distributed. Among the stocks he left to my brother and me are 250 shares each of HSBC Holdings. The other investments are mutual funds, pharmaceutical stocks, utility stocks and certificates of deposit, all of which we have some understanding […]

Changes to Social Security rules make maximization difficult

Dear Carrie, My husband and I are both 64 and still working. He makes more money than I do and had been planning to file and suspend his Social Security benefit in two years so I could collect a spousal benefit while his continued to grow. Since that’s no longer allowed, is there a new […]

Building a barbecue island creates decorative functionality

Dear James: I entertain outdoors often and could use a patio cooking center, but I am on a tight budget. What options do I have for building one myself by the gas grill? – Bonnie K.   Dear Bonnie: Outdoor patio cooking centers are wonderful for entertaining or for just your own family. The most […]