Selling real estate can become an excellent supplemental career

Dear Edith: Is it possible to start a real estate career part-time? I have a good office job, but meeting the bills would be much easier with more income, and I do like houses. Also, I’m not a very aggressive person. Would that be a handicap? – R.   Yes, there are indeed part-time agents. […]

Following these steps can help achieve financial independence

Dear Readers, I reached out on social media to ask recent grads about their top money concerns. Not surprisingly, creating financial security — specifically saving for the future — was a common theme. So with the 4th of July just behind us, it’s the perfect time to bring out some tried and true steps everyone […]

Whole Foods merger moves Amazon closer to being dominant retailer

As the whole world knows by now, web retailer Amazon announced that it will buy the Whole Foods upscale grocery chain. The merger will give Amazon access to dozens of brick-and-mortar supermarkets in virtually every major city in the U.S. Amazon has made some pretty interesting acquisitions over the years, including some real head-scratchers — […]

Taking risks on cheap stocks can be an exciting endeavor

Dear Mr. Berko: My wife and I have $7,000, and we’d like to take a real gamble and buy three or four stocks that sell for less than $10 a share. If we lose, we lose; we won’t be bitter about it. But we think it would be exciting to follow the stocks, chart the […]

Natural stone walkway makes attractive complement to flower garden

Dear James: I like to do flower gardening and plan to install a natural stone path through mine. What type of stones should I buy and what is the best method to lay them? – Bonnie S.   Dear Bonnie: Using natural stone is one of the most attractive pathway materials. This is particularly true […]

Agreeing about financial values is key to blending families

Dear Carrie, I have two young children from a previous marriage and my soon-to-be husband has one (we will be sharing custody of all three kids). Given that we’re facing major adjustments as a new family, I’d like to ease the way. Do you have suggestions for how we should manage our finances? – A […]