Creating a financial plan is easy when following these steps

Dear Readers: Often when I talk about the importance of a financial plan, I see people start to squirm. There’s something about the topic that makes them uncomfortable. When I dig a little deeper to find out why, two reasons regularly come up: Either people don’t think they have enough money to warrant a financial […]

What Is CEC Entertainment?

Dear Mr. Berko: When my dad passed away last month, he had a CEC Entertainment Inc. bond among his effects. I can’t find any record showing its value. It’s a $10,000 bond that comes due in February 2022, with an 8 percent interest rate. The only CEC I can find is a company that does […]

Usually only the principal is afforded specific fiduciary duties

Dear Edith: I heard recently that financial advisors must now be fiduciaries, and that real estate agents have always been. Exactly what does that mean? – J.M.   State laws can vary in this matter, but usually the real estate agent has a special fiduciary relationship to the principal (the client) for whom he or […]

Nuclear power generation company generates promising results

Dear Mr. Berko: We’ve had 250 shares of BWX Technologies in our account since early 2016. We bought them at $29. The stockbroker we trust, who built us a good portfolio over 11 years, disliked his firm and moved to another company. I didn’t move my account, and it was given to a nice 30ish […]

Multi-generational living presents many design challenges

As more and more baby boomers hit their golden years, and younger generations pay off university loans and save for their own homes, many homes are increasingly multi-generational. Once, this was considered the last option in a bad situation, but thoughts about this are changing, and an appreciation of living with family or friends is […]

Restructuring has helped NYT thrive in difficult environment

Dear Mr. Berko: Please give me your opinion of The New York Times. I may buy 400 shares. Also, what do you think of The Wall Street Journal? – C.A., Rochester, Minn.   Dear C.A.: Thanks to the internet, we’ve been watching the decline of the newspaper industry during the past dozen years. Sadly, too […]