Opinions on real estate investment trust Uniti are not united

Dear Mr. Berko: What can you tell me about a company called Uniti Group, which has a 15.49 percent dividend yield? Do you think the dividend is safe, and would you buy the stock for long-term growth and income? My stockbroker — who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, where the company is based — is […]

Determining market value should be done mostly through competition

Dear Edith: Before getting a real estate agent, we are going to try putting the house up for sale ourselves in the spring. It would help if you could give us some guidelines about how much to ask. Thanks in advance. – G.S.O.   Let’s start with factors to ignore: Your original cost. Suppose you […]

Consumer debt continues to prove beneficial for MasterCard

Dear Mr. Berko: My brother, who does well in the stock market, told me to buy 100 shares of MasterCard. He thinks that President Donald Trump’s economic policies and infrastructure spending will grow corporate earnings and give more people jobs and many people higher-paying jobs. He says that these people will spend their money rather […]

Collecting a public pension could reduce your social security

Dear Carrie, I’m retiring soon with a pension that’s outside of the Social Security system. I’ve also earned enough credits from earlier employment to qualify for Social Security benefits. I know my benefits will be reduced because of Windfall Elimination/Pension Offset reductions. Are there any strategies to minimize these reductions? Is there any reason to […]

Despite rough start, 2018 should be good for the stock market

Dear Mr. Berko: What’s your opinion of the current stock market? Why has the market collapsed so much the past month? Some investors blame President Donald Trump’s appointment of hawkish Jay Powell, Marvin Goodfriend and Loretta Mester to guide the Federal Reserve. Others say that 2018 will be good for the economy. Others predict a […]

Online retailers may soon have to pay sales tax even without nexus

A case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court this spring may overturn 25 years of precedent and allow states to tax people selling goods and services on the internet (including those who sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy and other web-based retail platforms) even if they don’t have a physical location within the state. The case […]

State Silver 100 collectibles are not worth the money

Dear Mr. Berko: I saw in a recent edition of USA Today that the federal Mint is offering (to use your word) a Golconda — selling individual state $100 bills at only $99. These are beautiful productions that look exactly like $100 bills, except the symbol of your state is embossed on the front. Each […]