Locking up your suppliers when selling online

Q I have been selling merchandise on eBay and Amazon for some time. I would like to build a ‘brand’ for the merchandise that I sell, but I’m being told that the only way to do that (since I’m not the manufacturer of these goods, only the distributor) is to get an exclusive distributor agreement […]

Are you falling for these financial tricks?

It’s the rare person who doesn’t occasionally fall into some poor financial habits that can lead to potentially scary results. This fall, make sure you’re not tricking yourself into a financial bind. Rather, treat yourself to greater security by reviewing these 10 personal finance “gotchas” and making any necessary changes. The results can be better […]

Tips for when your business is targeted on social media

The past few weeks I’ve been getting emails from Nextdoor, a social network (supported by advertising) where people can report lost dogs, ask for contractor referrals, complain about noisy neighbors and basically do online what neighbors have done forever. Recently, a post appeared with a complaint about the service at a local pizza joint, a […]

How are you doing financially? Take this test

I hope you’re in the mood for a financial Rorschach test, because that’s exactly what you’re getting today. So often, we’re tempted to seek out an unfiltered assessment of what we’ve done so far in our financial lives and what those doings say about us. I’ve toyed with different ways of helping people assess this […]

Use open enrollment season to review benefit options

It’s open enrollment time, and I have a question for you: Are you taking full advantage of your employee benefits? Employee benefits play a significant part in your financial life. And to me, staying on top of what’s offered is as important as staying on top of your investments. Open enrollment gives you the opportunity […]