Careful plans help facilitate change to full-time parenthood

Dear Carrie, I’m considering leaving the workforce to be a full-time mom for our two young children, at least for a while. My husband makes a good income, but we will definitely have to get by with less. How can we best prepare? – A Reader   Dear Reader, This is an important decision on […]

Glass shower enclosures can make small bathrooms appear larger

Dear James: My master bathroom could use an upgrade. The space is somewhat tight. Would installing an expensive shower enclosure give it upscale decor and make it appear more spacious? — Ken M.   Dear Ken: Remodeling a bathroom is usually full of compromises between wish lists and budgets, so this will be fun with […]

Multiuse nursery can help make up for lack of outdoor play space

Life changes in dozens of ways once the first baby joins a family. You don’t have to allocate a huge amount of space for an infant, but it must be quiet and, most importantly, safe. Arrangements vary according to child-rearing philosophies; in some cultures, a baby sleeps in the parents’ room well into childhood. I […]

Art investment that sounds too good to be true probably is

Dear Mr. Berko: I’ve been given the opportunity to invest in Treasure Investments Corp. by CEO Mark Russo. The investment consists of buying stock at 20 cents a share with a minimum investment of $25,000. The goal is to raise $10 million. The strategic plan is taking the company public in the fall of 2018 […]

New osteoarthritis drug may be boon for pharmaceutical stock

Dear Mr. Berko: I have bad osteoarthritis in my knee and read about a new drug called Zilretta (not out yet), which is supposed to bring lasting relief. It’s made by a small biotech firm, called Flexion Therapeutics. Last March, my stockbroker told me that Flexion was going to be bought out by a French […]

Written plan leads to better decisions and financial security

Dear Readers, When it comes to financial planning, millennials are way ahead of the older generations. In fact, of the survey participants, more than a third of millennials have written financial plans. Gen-Xers come in next at 21 percent with boomers lagging behind at only 18 percent. This got me thinking about financial plans in […]