Granite Point Mortgage Trust will drive portfolio and revenue growth

Dear Mr. Berko: I made the mistake of writing a $198 check to Weiss Research for Larry Edelson’s stock market advice. Weiss promised to return my money if I wasn’t satisfied, but the publisher won’t respond to my requests for a refund. I can’t find a workable email address for Weiss Research or Martin Weiss. […]

Interesting architectural details can perk up an odd or boring home

Editor’s note: Succeeding in Your Business, by Cliff Ennico, will return in the June 11 issue.   I love the funky and uneven features of an older home. Certainly there are many oddball qualities and conditions that might frustrate you as a renter or homeowner, but often they can be turned into assets. Renters are […]

Lawsuits against company may not mean that it’s disreputable

Dear Mr. Berko: I won’t own stock in companies that sell guns, sell tobacco, sell liquor, poison the environment or cheat the American public as banks and health insurance companies have. My stockbroker recommended that I buy 300 shares of Pfizer. But I don’t want to invest in a pharmaceutical company that is being sued […]

Widow gets a free lunch with some very bad financial advice

Dear Mr. Berko: I’ve enclosed my check for you to review my portfolio. My husband passed away four years ago, and I’m now a 71-year-old widow. A lady friend and I attended an invitation-only lunch for seniors two weeks ago, which was very interesting. The speaker believes that in the coming years, we’re going to […]

Comparables are an important factor in determining good list price

Dear Edith: I’m facing the sale of my home. I’ve been living here for 38 years. I am curious about a few things: After choosing an agent to sell the house, should you share any weaknesses in the house, i.e. a couple of drafty windows, although all are replacements? I purchased the house plans from […]

Education may be the best financial gift you can give a grad

Dear Readers, It happens every year. As grads get ready to enjoy their upcoming independence, I start getting questions from concerned parents who are well aware of the myriad financial responsibilities their new graduates are going to face. They want to help — just enough to get the kids started, but not enough to destroy […]