Newly established regulations from EU stand to impact small businesses

Q “My partner and I run a small software business that caters to a niche market. “Our customers (all businesses — we don’t sell to individuals) are located primarily in the United States and Canada, but we do have two corporate customers in the United Kingdom that account for less than 1 percent of our […]

BDCs encourage the flow of public dollars to private businesses

Dear Mr. Berko: Please explain to me what a business development company is and how it works. Also, my brother, who is a certified public accountant, has recommended that I buy 1,000 shares of Main Street Capital. What do you think? – S.P., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.   Dear S.P.: Business development companies were initiated by […]

Stock future looks bright for media and entertainment giant

Dear Mr. Berko: We bought $50,000 worth of the 5.3 percent Tesla bond in August 2017. Our stockbroker wants me to sell, take a tax loss and use the remaining money to buy 200 shares of Tesla stock. My wife is insistent that we buy 800 shares of The Walt Disney Co. We need your […]

Getting a tax refund may not always be such a good thing

Dear Readers: With this year’s April 17 deadline for filing taxes in the rearview mirror, I have a question for you: Is getting a tax refund always a good thing? A lot of people look forward to getting a refund and not having to pay taxes. OK, getting money rather than giving it is a […]

Too early to tell if promising blockchain will live up to the hype

Have you ever picked up two books that seemed to be about two entirely different subjects only to realize they were pretty much the same? Book No. 1 Last week, I was very excited to receive a review copy of Jim Blasingame’s latest book, “The 3rd Ingredient: The Journey of Analog Ethics Into the World […]

Fast-growing plant may be equally fast-growing investment

Dear Mr. Berko: I’ve been offered an opportunity to invest $125,000 in a Florida bamboo farm. Please tell me what you know about this industry. Also, could you give me your best estimate about when the next recession will be? – W.B., Destin, Fla.   Dear W.B.: In 2010, a Floridian whose family had been […]

Though no longer used, buyers should still be wary of lead paint

Ms. Lank: My father says we should check for lead-based paint in a house we’re thinking of buying. But they don’t use that anymore, right? – P.I.   It hasn’t been used in residences since 1978. If you’re looking at places older than that, as a buyer you’re entitled to notification about possible lead paint, […]

General Mills earnings take a hit due to rising freight costs

Dear Mr. Berko: My stockbroker had me buy 300 shares of General Mills in the summer of 2016, for which I paid $71 a share. In the past 12 months, I’ve had a 29-point loss. I never thought that a blue chip company such as General Mills could fall by 40 percent in a year. […]