Keys to succeeding at losing weight are also good for business

There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world of small business right now: the new tax law, changes in the way web-based businesses are regulated, Amazon taking over the world. But let’s be honest. Right now, all anyone is thinking about is losing weight — the No. 1 New Year’s resolution of all […]

Problematic General Electric still a solid long term choice

Dear Mr. Berko: My stockbroker wants me to buy 400 shares of General Electric. Is he nuts? – J.S., Moline, Ill.   Dear J.S.: Last June, Jeff “Big Melt” Immelt, who took control of General Electric (GE-$18.47) from the iconic Jack Welch just before 9/11, announced he’d be stepping down as CEO. Good! He’s been […]

Risky expansion may help take Constellation to new heights

Dear Mr. Berko: This year, I plan to put $6,500 in my individual retirement account into the American Funds Global Balanced Fund, which my stockbroker says will outperform the stock market in the coming decade. I am 60 and intend to work till I’m 70. What is your opinion of American Funds? Also, a friend […]

Create coziness by adding built-in seating to room design

Don’t you just want to move into this picture and stay awhile? A squashy cushion snuggled below a window, hopefully with a little view, never fails to attract everyone from toddlers to a sleepy grandpa! It seems that the powerful draw of a window seat is universal. Built-in seating always looks warm and inviting. What […]

New tax bill likely to change the 2018 stock market outlook

Dear Mr. Berko: Could you please tell us what you think the stock market will do once this tax bill is in effect? All the people I know say that these tax cuts and changes are bearish and that the country will suffer because of these new rules and regulations. – G.D., Moline, Ill.   […]

Earnings and dividends not enough to make EAT a good choice

Dear Mr. Berko: Brinker International has increased its earnings and dividends every year since 2011 and expects to do even better in 2018, but the stock price went down in 2017, from $55 to $32. How can that be when sales and earnings continue to increase very nicely? Brinker recently raised its dividend to $1.52 […]