Accumulation is easy, but distribution is hard

I participate in a small strategy group that has monthly conference calls. This month’s focus was managing income distributions during a prolonged market downturn. The accumulation phase of retirement planning is easy: Save as much as you can as early as you can and invest in a diversified, growth-oriented portfolio. The distribution phase is more […]

Think twice about offering to pay for college

Dear Pete: My 42-year-old son and 41-year-old daughter-in-law aren’t great with money. Frankly, I assume it’s because she is the more dominant personality, and her parents don’t appear to have much financial stability themselves. My wife and I are concerned this will impact our grandchildren’s ability to get a quality education. We’re considering offering to […]

Fool Me Once, Shame on You. Fool Me Twice …

Q A couple of years ago, I was employed as the marketing director for a small, family-owned business. For several years in a row, this company saw huge increases in annual sales as a result of my efforts. Unfortunately, the owner died, and the owner’s son who took over the business fired me for no […]

Coronavirus-fueled volatility your friend, not enemy

Our primal “fight or flight” instinct was vital for cavemen to survive, but investors must resist their natural urge to panic when stocks hit an inevitable rough patch. Whether caused by fears related to last year’s inverted yield curve or the crisis du jour, the Wuhan Coronavirus, losing your head and abandoning your plan can […]