Auto-parts stalwarts rev up for era of electrification

Old-line manufacturers like Cummins Inc. and Allison Transmission Holdings Inc. find themselves in a precarious spot these days. If they don’t embrace the electric-vehicle future — which has a near mania surrounding it — they look backward. But if they dive in with excessive exuberance, they risk wasting hundreds of millions of dollars.

Artificial intelligence is an inevitable advancement

Growing up, Kightlinger and Gray LLP attorney Adam Ira can recall members of his family, many of whom were factory workers, expressing concerning about the prospect of automated machines taking their jobs. Now, Ira said similar concerns are creeping into his work as a lawyer, as the rise of artificial intelligence in the practice of law has begun automating legal tasks previously performed by humans.

Private equity firms’ acquisition targets get pricey

Picture this: Your wallet is fatter than usual, and you’re looking to invest the extra cash.
That’s a simplified version of the situation facing private equity firms these days. And although it might sound like an enviable situation, it comes with significant challenges, say those familiar with the industry.

Safeway stores get fix-up under new owners

Safeway is a survivor.
The local grocery chain hatched during World War II has outlasted other homegrown competitors such as Marsh Supermarkets and Double 8 Foods, at a time large nationals are increasing their market share.