Choosing between traditional and Roth accounts can be tricky

Dear Carrie, I’ve been contributing to a regular 401(k) for 8 years but my employer just started offering a Roth 401(k) plan as well. How can I decide which is best? – A Reader   Dear Reader, The sheer number of retirement accounts can make anyone’s head spin. Once you’ve opened a specific type of […]

Medical supply companies have attractive risk-adjusted returns

Dear Mr. Berko: What is your opinion of Owens & Minor, which is in the medical supply business? I have $9,600 in cash sitting in my individual retirement account, and my dopey stockbroker, who has never been right in 12 years, recommends 400 shares. Please advise ASAP. – B.C., Oklahoma City   Dear B.C.: Oftentimes […]

Signs point to sell for subprime lending corporation

Dear Mr. Berko: My elder sister, who never married and who worked for a large automobile dealer in Detroit, passed away last year, and her estate was finally settled. My remaining sister and I were the sole inheritors of a huge portfolio of 16 stocks, valued at $732,000. All the stocks are well-known blue chips […]

Making the most of employee benefits comes down to details

Dear Readers, If you’re tempted to ignore this year’s Open Enrollment period for your employee benefits, stop right there. While it’s easy to feel secure because you already signed up last year, times and benefits change. What worked for you in the past may not be the best choice for you in the coming year. […]