Wealth means more than just the size of your bank account

Dear Readers, How do you define wealth? Is it merely a number — or something deeper? I’ve always believed that the real value of money is what it enables you to accomplish. Financial security is important because of the freedom it can give you to make choices, to use your talents and fulfill your personal […]

Know state regulations before launching your business opportunity

Part II of a two-part series.   You have built a successful business and set up a training program to teach people how to start and run that business successfully. They don’t have to use your name, nor will they be given assigned territories. But they will have to pay a sizable upfront fee for […]

No chance of recovery after failure of Puerto Rican bonds

Dear Mr. Berko: In 2013, my stockbroker had me buy $60,000 worth of Puerto Rican Sales Tax Financing Corp.’s tax-free bonds. I bought these bonds for my individual retirement account. The coupon was 5.5 percent. I paid $770 per $1,000 bond ($46,200 total), and they were supposed to mature in 2022. I got a great […]

Market makes car company a poor replacement for lagging stocks

Dear Mr. Berko: I read a column of yours years ago in which you recommended Dunkin’ Donuts stock. It sounded pretty good, so I bought 400 shares at $29. The stock is now about $55, but it doesn’t seem to be able to get above that level. Please advise me about whether I should hold […]

Dealing with inherited IRA does not have to be complicated

Dear Carrie, My mom just passed away at 66 years old and left me her IRA. I’m 41. When do I need to start taking the RMD? – A Reader   Dear Reader, First, my sympathies. Losing a parent is never easy, and having to deal with financial issues at the same time doesn’t help. […]

Know state regulations before launching your business opportunity

Part I of a two-part series.   “We have operated a successful service business for many years. “We no longer want to run the business ourselves, but we think this type of business is an excellent opportunity for other people. So we have come up with a training program to teach other people how to […]

Solid portfolio structure can guard against loss during crash

Dear Mr. Berko: A little over three years ago, when I was 67 and ready to retire (my wife had retired a year earlier), I wrote to you about my 401(k), my wife’s 401(k) and our individual retirement accounts, which totaled $536,000. You told us to get out of both 401(k) plans, as well as […]