Project particulars can help you choose what material to work with

Dear James: There quite a few projects I need to do around my house. How do I decide when and where to use particleboard, plywood or oriented strand board? – Rich J.   Dear Rich: You must have visited your home center store recently and done your research. Those are the basic materials to use […]

Understanding options can make student loan repayment easier

Dear Readers, What are the primary money worries of today’s college graduates? This is a question of my own that I thought was worth answering. So I went to the source and asked my followers on social media to share their top financial concerns as they graduate and head out into the work world. It […]

Moving funds from 401(k) to IRA gives more personal control

Dear Mr. Berko: Because the 401(k) where I work has a lousy choice of funds (list enclosed), I am moving $30,000 of the $91,000 into an individual retirement account to seek a better return. The stockbroker recommended $10,000 each in Macquarie Infrastructure, the Fidelity Select Banking Portfolio and American Electric Power. Please comment on these […]

Formal operating agreement is necessary before finding investors

“We set up a limited liability company last year for a tech business. There are three of us — one of us acts as ‘managing member’ and the other two only vote on important decisions. We have never had a written agreement for our business. “A wealthy individual has indicated an interest in investing in […]

Local agents can help choose which repairs to make before selling

Dear Edith: I am a senior citizen who may want to sell my home in a couple of years. I have an in-ground swimming pool. The sidewalk around it has developed some serious cracking, and the fence and shrubbery surrounding it all need an upgrade. I realize that not all buyers are interested in pools. […]

Management and policy problems make bank stock a poor choice

Dear Mr. Berko: We bank at Fifth Third Bank and own 1,000 shares of the stock, which you advised us to buy in 2009 at $7.75 a share. I like the stock’s performance, but when I bragged to friends (a retired banker and his wife) about our good fortune ($16,250 profit), both told me to […]

Choosing the right credit card is not always the easiest task

Dear Carrie, I’m inundated with credit card offers and they all seem to be trying to outdo each other. How can I figure out if any of them are worth it? – A Reader   Dear Reader, You’re absolutely right that credit card sales pitches are everywhere. Whether in the mailbox or online, none of […]

Building a marketing mindset is essential for business owners

My guest columnist this week is Randye Spina of Affordable Marketing Solutions in Fairfield, Connecticut. The following is an excerpt from her presentation “Tips for Manifesting a Marketing Mindset” (taken with permission), which is available on the Affordable Marketing Solutions website: “Prioritize Marketing. Of all the business functions you’re responsible for, Marketing is the most […]

Selling mortgage bonds may mean big change for Federal Reserve

Dear Readers: Over the past several months, I’ve received many questions about the Federal Reserve. This single response answers several dozen questions I’ve received. In March 2016, Federal Reserve officials agreed they should begin selling their $3.5 trillion quantitative easing portfolio of mortgage securities toward the end of this year. Note that I wrote “should” […]